Design Tools


Inductor Design Tool

The Inductor Design software allows engineers to choose from several topologies like Power Factor Correction or AC inductor, collects all the pertinent electrical, thermal and mechanical inputs, and returns a wide range of solutions that can be sorted based upon key criteria. The results can also be downloaded for closer analysis.  Our inductor calculator is an easy-to-use yet powerful design tool for experienced or early career engineers or designers.


Inductor Analyzer Tool

Micrometals Inductor Analyzer allows engineers to quickly analyze wound core designs using any of our cores by providing electrical and thermal parameters. Solutions developed by our Inductor Design software can be transferred to the Inductor Analyzer for optimization. Engineers can also launch the Inductor Analyzer through our product search by clicking the icon next to the desired core. This inductor calculator lets users compare 1-3 different inductor designs side-by-side.  It is especially useful when comparing windings, differtent permeabilities or material types for a specific inductor design.


Curve Fit Formulas and Values

Additionally, Micrometals offered a downloadable Excel File with magnetic characteristic curve fit formula and coefficients for Permeability vs. DC Magnetizing Force, Core Loss vs. Bpk and Frequency, Permeability vs. Bpk, Permeability vs. Frequency and Initial BH Curves.



PowerEsim is a free web-based power supply design tool which is sponsored by component manufacturers and active members. It provides a virtual environment that users can build hundreds of "real" power supply with real constructed transformer and see all loss, stress, life, temperature in a fraction of a second.

The circuit simulator is a combination of iteration, equation based approach and time step integration. The circuit is defined by non-linear equations and the simulator will first solving the switching condition solution for t=infinity by bracketed iteration, then fine step of point by point results will be generated by those equations for V, I and loss analysis.

More than 30 topologies are available including Flyback converter, Boost converter, Buck Converter, Buck-Boost converter, Half-Bridge converter, Full-Bridge converter, ZVS Phase Shift Full-Bridge converter, ZVS active clamp converter, ZVS asymmetric converter, PFC CCM converter, PFC DCM converter, two wheeler/switches forward converter, Interleaved two wheeler/switches converter, RCC Flyback converter, LLC converter, Emitter Driven Flyback converter, Sync-buck converter and Ballast converter.

Magnetic Builder is part of the powerful design tool that allows users to create magnetic components by selecting different core materials, bobbin type and winding methods.  All the custom magnetic components can be saved and incorporated onto a power supply.  Engineering drawings will be automatically produced to reduce userwork load.