• Nickel, Iron Molybdenum alloy powder material
  • Very low loss powder material
  • No thermal aging
  • Permeabilities: 14µ, 26µ, 60µ, 125µ, 147µ, 160µ, 173µ and 205µ
  • Operating frequencies ≤ 200kHz
  • Wide selection of toroids up to 154mm


Permeability vs. DC Magnetizing Force

Permeability vs. AC Flux Density

Permeability vs. Frequency

Permeability vs. Temperature

14 Perm


26 Perm


60 Perm


125 Perm


147 Perm


160 Perm


173 Perm


205 Perm



Stabilized MPP Cores

Micrometals can provide stabilized MPP (MP) cores that will have a smaller change in permeability over temperature than standard MPP cores. These stabilized cores may be required for applications requiring stable permeability over wide temperature ranges. These applications can include military, medical, aerospace or other applications that require tuned circuits.

Micrometals MPP cores are offered in three controlled stabilization classes: D, W, and M. Temperature ranges for the permeability stability are detailed in the chart below.


         Stabilization             Maximum Change                           Temperature Range

            Class                       in Permeability                               °F                   °C

   D                                 +/- 0.1%                                   30 to 130        -1 to 55

   W                                +/-0.25%                                  -67 to 185       -55 to 85

   M                                 +/-0.25%                                 -86 to 257       -65 to 125  


Stabilization is only effective at low drive AC flux levels of less than 100 G (10 mT). In power inductor applications, stabilized MPP cores have no advantage over standard MPP cores.

Stabilized versions of Sendust (MS), High Flux (HF), Optilloy (OP) and Fluxsan (FS) cores are not available.

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