Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exhibition (APEC)

Sponsored by PSMA, IEEE and PELS, APEC is annual conference and exhibition that addresses issues facing the practicing power electronics engineer.

The Power Electronics Society (PELS)

PELS is a technical society and part IEEE professional association with goal of facilitating and guided the development and innovation in power electronics technology.

Power Sources Manufacturers Associations (PSMA)

A not-for-profit organization with the purpose to enhance the stature and reputation of its members and their products, improve their knowledge of technological and other developments related to power sources, and educate the entire electronics industry, academia, government and industry agencies.

The Transformer Association (TTA)

The Transformer Association is a manufacturing trade association whose corporate members include transformer and power supply manufacturers, their suppliers, safety agencies and consultants. Its focus is to strengthen the transformer industry in North America.

Ridley Engineering

Ridley Engineering is a power systems design and consulting company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art products, services and publications for the power supply industry.

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