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Counterfeit Core Information

Letter to All Micrometals' Customers
Comparison of Micrometals T68-8/90 with Competitors "Equivalent" Core

Date: 10-14-02

To: All Micrometals' Customers

Subject: Counterfeit Cores

We are providing this letter as a service to our customers in response to complaints and reports that have come our way regarding the use of products that are supposedly equivalent to those made by Micrometals -- but they are not. In some cases the results were disastrous, including embarrassing and costly product recalls.

It may be helpful for you to know that we have reviewed core catalogs out of the Far East and found that others have copied Micrometals performance specifications, when in fact, their products may not meet the same criteria. An example of this can be found on our Internet home page: www.micrometals.com. There we provide critical core analysis in the application note titled: Comparison of Micrometals T68-8/90 with a Competitors "Equivalent" Core.

Also, please be reminded that since 1951 Micrometals has consistently used a distinctive part numbering and color coding system. This practice allows customers to differentiate materials within Micrometals' product offering and differentiate our products from others. However, others are using Micrometals' part numbers or very similar numbers with indistinguishable color codes. This led some of our customers to believe they were getting a Micrometals product or a direct equivalent. We successfully demonstrated to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that our color codes are distinctive, and serve to identify the source and quality of our products. As a result, Micrometals has been granted U.S. Trademark protection on several of our color codes. Any competitor who ships products into the U.S. using these trademark-protected colors is in violation of the law, even if their cores are in products as a wound component.

We clearly and personally understand the price pressure that has overshadowed our industry, and that some will exploit this by offering a seemingly good deal when they cannot provide the true levels of quality and performance. We are available to help you successfully avoid the costly and embarrassing mistake of being fooled by false advertising and finding out the hard way that cores made by others do not have the same thermal aging properties over time as those made by Micrometals. Please do not hesitate to contact Micrometals or your local representative to guarantee receipt of genuine Micrometals cores.


James R. Cox
Micrometals, Inc.


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